All media is exclusively owned and copyrighted by Ridgetop Media Group LLC, unless other copyright terms are agreed upon in written contract. The invoice, once paid, serves as a license to the individual or organization paying to use the media for the project listed on the invoice. Images may not be resold, or used by anyone other than the licensee.  Additional commercial use licenses for the images may be purchased by stagers, builders, contractors, interior designers, etc. 

Real Estate Agents may use property listing media for marketing the property, and their personal marketing. As well, the local brokerage the Real Estate Agent hangs their license at may use the photos for property marketing, or brokerage marketing (photo credit goes to Ridgetop Media Group LLC). Media or license may not be otherwise resold, or transferred to anyone other than by Ridgetop Media Group LLC

The Photographer is aware that images posted to the MLS are often reposted to other real estate services such as Zillow, Redfin and others, through no control of The Client or the MLS. The Photographer specifically allows these reposts of original MLS postings so long as all other terms of this contract are in effect, specifically, that the listing is still active, or one year from delivery date has not elapsed, and will hold harmless The Client (and the MLS) for such normal reposts. Additionally, The Photographer will hold The Client (and the MLS) harmless for any use of the images by third parties beyond their control.

In the course of promoting the home for sale, The Client is specifically allowed to post to FSBO sites, and other sites that promote the home for sale, so long as the contract and its terms remain in effect. Images may also be used by client to promote the sale of the home on social media (Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram, etc.) without restriction. Images may be posted to a Realtors site to promote the sale of the house, but may not be used to promote the Realtor, staging company, or for any other promotional purpose without additional license. In any case, such reposts may NOT alter the images in any way other than resizing/cropping to the format supported by that site.

Media may not be modified with the following exceptions: Cropping or resizing for social media, other online or print requirements, and virtual staging for real estate. All other modifications, or adding of text/ logos must be approved by Ridgetop Media Group LLC, look professional, and reflect well on Ridgetop Media Group LLC. Contact us for details.

Please note that any photos sent via Dropbox are subject to deletion without notice after 30 days. Upon receipt of the photos, please copy or move the photos from your Dropbox folder, to the folder you store your listing photos in. Contact us for details.  

Matterport 3D tours may be deleted without notice after 6 months from the tour upload date. If you need a tour to remain up longer, please contact us.  If you need a tour re-uploaded and we still have it on the iPad, we can do that for an additional fee.  If we no longer have the tour stored on the iPad, a re-scan will be required at full price. Contact us for details.

Large jobs (Over 2 hours, or 2 people onsite) cancelled within 48 hours are subject to a cancellation fee up to 25%.  
Any job cancelled within 24 hours, are subject to a cancellation fee up to 50%.
Any job cancelled after we show up will be billed the full invoice amount. Any media captured will be delivered if desired, and a new order may be created at full price to reschedule. 

Except cutting for time as required by social media (splitting for stories, etc), Video and audio content may not be edited or used in any way other than its original form as delivered to the client, except by Ridgetop Media Group LLC, and it's employees or sub-contractors at the direction of Ridgetop Media Group LLC.  The video and audio content may be used by the client. As well, the local brokerage the Real Estate Agent hangs their license at may use the video and audio content its original form as delivered to the client for property marketing. Video and audio content may be posted on the client's (and brokerage's) online accounts, and syndicated through the MLS and any other online platforms (Zillow, Redfin, etc). 

Thank you for your continued business.