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Complete this list prior to the day of the scheduled photoshoot

  • De-clutter all flat surfaces, especially soap, sponges, and all tissue boxes.
  • Ensure all light fixtures and lamps are in working order
  • Clean windows Inside and out
  • Remove any personal items you do not want photographed
  • Remove pet cages and pet beds (garage will work)
  • Remove any firearms, knives, bows, and related items (Including replicas or airsoft)
  • Remove all fans, air purifiers, humidifiers, floor AC units, shredders, visible garbage cans, etc
  • Clean counters, stove-top, fridge doors
  • Remove magnets from fridge
  • Remove all dishes, dirty and clean, from counter and sink (Dog/ cat dishes too)
  • Fancy looking appliances are ok, but remove anything that looks out of place (Less is more)
  • Remove all spices, cooking oils, pans, etc from stove area
  • Hide all paperwork (bills, ads, business cards, etc)
  • Organize all bookshelves and DVD shelves, remove any clutter
  • Make sure beds are made, toys hidden or organized, laundry put away
  • Bedside lamps in working condition, not on a timer
  • Hide power cords, phone chargers, tablets, and laptops
  • Remove clutter from walls (one or two tasteful posters are ok), and exercise equipment
  • Clean all mirrors and glass (shower doors), clean all soap scum from shower
  • Make sure all towels match, and are hanging neatly
  • Remove bath-robes, all hygiene items, bath toys, jewelry, and appliances
  • Remove garbage can, plunger, toilet brush, and air freshener cans
  • Replace toilet paper with fresh roll
  • Clean laundry room, hide soap and other items
  • Vacuum all floors
  • Clean up and mow yard, prep patio furniture, clean up after pets

The morning of the photoshoot, do a once-over to ensure the above list has been completed.


  • Turn off all ceiling fans
  • Turn on all lights, lamps, under-cabinet lighting
  • Close all windows
  • Open all blinds/ curtains (If there is a house right outside the window, tilt blinds open)
  • Remove all cars/ boats/ RV’s/ basketball hoops/ hoses from in front of the house
  • Move pets to the garage, or some other closed room to be imaged last.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner and agent to ensure this list has been completed prior to the scheduled photoshoot.  The homeowner or agent will be responsible for moving and staging anything that needs to be moved during the photoshoot.  The photographer reserves the right to re-schedule with a trip fee (Up to $55) if the property is not ready when they arrive. Remember, if the camera can’t see it, it’s not in the photo.  Closets are a great place to hide things.  Owner should discuss with the agent which closets are worth imaging inside, walk-in’s only. These will need to be brought to the photographers attention.